New Product “Holly’s Magical Mistletoe” is A Christmas Kissing Tradition For Adults.

A fun new Christmas Kissing Tradition for adults hits shelves this holiday season.

Growing up, the mistletoe tradition was something he always looked forward to in his home over the holidays, says author and creator Bryan Sadler. He remembers being mesmerized by the fact that the small sprig, with tiny white berries, made his parents feel head over heels in love — so much so, that they couldn’t help but give each other a big loving kiss every time they stood beneath it.

Continuing this tradition, as his parents had, was something he always wanted to do. After many unsuccessful attempts at finding mistletoe while shopping for Christmas decorations, he came to the sad realization that the mistletoe tradition might be becoming a thing of the past. He decided to take it upon himself to change this. His desire for others to experience the joy that mistletoe brought to his family, led to the creation of a new tradition in his home, Holly’s Magical Mistletoe.  

Holly’s Magical Mistletoe is an exciting new Christmas kissing tradition for adults. This fun twist on the classic mistletoe tradition allows couples to not only find their inner kid again, but to bond over something truly magical: Christmas kisses.

Each night during the holidays, someone plays the role of Holly the elf, and hangs her magical sprig where it can be found the next day and kissed beneath. It is encouraged that you be creative and hang Holly’s mistletoe in the most bizarre and unexpected places. This leads to a lot of fun, laughter and exciting kissing adventures.

Each beautiful box comes complete with a wonderful illustrated book and one of Holly's Magical Mistletoe sprigs. The book is the story of a misfit elf Holly, sent on a special mission from Santa to bring the love back into homes during the holidays. It has been written and illustrated to be a fun read for both adults and kids alike. Holly’s Magical Mistletoe isn’t just fun for adults. Kids too, love playing the role of Holly the elf, and hiding her magical mistletoe sprig for mommy and daddy to find and kiss under the next day. If you follow the little elf's simple rules, it is certain that Holly's Magical Mistletoe will fill your home with love, bliss and a whole lot of kissing this holiday season. Holly’s Magical Mistletoe has been described by Bryan as being “not just any ordinary mistletoe. It is some real life Harry Potter stuff.”

Holly’s Magical Mistletoe reminds us of the true meaning Christmas, showing love to those we cherish, and brings back that magical feeling we felt as a kid, where our imaginations ran wild, and we weren’t afraid to be a little silly from time to time. In the words of the creator “have fun, be creative, and happy kissing!”